Reading to understand

a small-group reading comprehension intervention

Reading to Understand is a reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition intervention designed to teach students the components of reading comprehension on their functional reading level.

Reading to Understand can be used as either a Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention or for supplemental instruction for special education students. Our procedures are based on years of sound, peer-reviewed research and incorporate best practices for interventionists.

The reliable data Fluency Plus generates for schools is a great asset when doing future planning and determining student placement for special services.

The books and supplemental materials used in Reading to Understand are aligned to one or more Common Core Anchor Standards. We strive to ensure that all comprehension and vocabulary acquisition activities lead students to an increased understanding of the meta-cognitive process of reading with understanding.

Components of Reading to Understand

  • Vocabulary pretest
  • Vocabulary review
  • Guided reading
  • Immediate corrective feedback
  • Comprehension activities
  • Review comprehension activities
  • Vocabulary and comprehension post-test