Behavior Consultation

Fluency Plus, LLC personnel provide professional consultation on a variety of topics related to School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SW-PBIS) and behavioral Response to Intervention (RtI) for school personnel. Please contact us via phone or email in order to schedule professional consultation for your school or district. Click on the service titles below to learn more about each of our offerings.

School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SW-PBIS): Best Practices in Implementing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Behavioral Supports

Fluency Plus, LLC personnel begin with a needs assessment (e.g., SW-PBIS/Behavioral RtI Implementation Checklist) designed to evaluate the implementation of all tiers of behavioral support in the school system as well as an analysis of annual district-wide and school-based discipline data. Based on the findings of the needs assessment and discipline data analysis, school-based action plans are developed collaboratively with school personnel to effectively implement all tiers of behavioral support with adequate levels of compliance and integrity.

Typical Attendees: School-based PBIS team members including administrators, general education teachers, special education teachers, behavior specialists, other school support personnel (e.g., academic interventionists, mental health service providers, school counselors, school psychologists, etc).

At a minimum, monthly on-site professional consultation is provided to school personnel throughout the school year to address the following:
  • Review of school-wide positive behavioral supports and integrity of programming (e.g., teaching of expectations & related schedules; lesson plans, delivery of incentives)
  • Review school-wide discipline data including a review of ODRs (infraction type, time, location, per day, per student), use of alternatives to removal (ISD, ASD, ISS 1-day; ISS extended program), composition and disproportionality indices for OSS rates
  • Review of Tier 2 behavioral supports (review of CICO integrity and student outcome data; review of Tier 2 BSP integrity and student behavior outcome data)
  • Review of behavioral supports (review of program integrity, schedule of social skills lessons, review of behavioral outcome data)
  • Review of Tier 3 behavioral supports (review of FBAs, review of Tier 3 BSP integrity, review of student behavior outcome data)
  • Consultation with administrators to review school-wide supports and discipline outcomes and to make recommendations
  • Consultation with tiered behavioral support providers including CICO personnel and related service providers, and to make recommendations
  • Consultation with PBIS teams to review universal supports and school-wide discipline data and to make recommendations
  • Consultation with personnel providing services within alternative to removal settings (e.g., ISD, ASD, ISS programs) and to make recommendations
  • Consultation with identified staff members regarding effective and empirically-based classroom manag ement strategies and behavioral supports

District-wide and School-based Codes of Conduct

Fluency Plus, LLC personnel work collaboratively with school district personnel and other key stakeholders to align the district-wide Code of Conduct and school-based policies and procedures with the SW-PBIS and RtI models of service delivery. Code revision is based on best practices in behavior support provision, position statements from national organization, and federal and state regulations.

Typical Attendees: District and School-based Administrators, Behavior Support Personnel, and other Key Stakeholders (Board of Education Representatives, Legal Counsel, Community Partners, Parents, etc).

Code revision is designed to incorporate the
  • provision of tiered behavioral supports,
  • effective alternatives to student removal,
  • restorative discipline practices in conjunction with discipline dispositions required by federal and state regulations.